Overview of pixel gun 3D game

In present gaming technology people experience different levels of play since the game developed nowadays mainly resembles to horror, adventurous, battle fighting etc., even most of the game is developed in different view like three dimensional or four dimensional to make the game more addictive among the people. Among all kind of game pixel gun 3D game quite differ from all other games.

The pixel gun 3D game is based on the comic story and the comic levels tell the story line of the survivor there are about 4- 5 pictures some are with multiple pages. The game is designed with wooden surface for first two layouts and the final layout of the game is made with rocky surface and it remains as harder for player to complete that level.

The game initially starts in particular place and the player is wakeup by a group of zombies hitting on the wall near to him. The players grab the gun, fight against all zombies and finally defeat them all. In that moment the player hear someone cries for help from nearby cemetery he immediately rushes to the place and found zombies lying to the person whom player needs to rescue.


The player keenly understand the plan of zombies as a solution he decided to move to city so he come out from cemetery and finds a police car using that player drives off to the city. The player fount lots of zombie in the city all over the public buildings such as hospital, bridge, etc.

The player has to undergo several battles against zombies after he enters into the city a very first battle the player has to defeat the horde of monsters in the hospital and the player has to find the hospital entry card on the boss.

There are several actions designed in the pixel gun 3D game and the player gets font of playing the game with additional features whenever the player tries to catch the boss of monster and zombie he usually escaped through some way. The player escaped from hospital in end of the first level in second level of the game the player spot a helicopter in the hands of zombies.

The player has to rescue the passengers in the helicopter but if he fails the helicopter would be crashed in the offshore since helicopter fly over the bridge which splits into two. In this case each player experience a new battle against their enemies and each player have to defeat them by reaching to prison and they can swim through offshore. Thus player has to find a survival root map at the end of the second level of the game.

To get a survival map the player should undergo several risks in addition player should have empowered features in order to get empowered features most of the player uses additional source such as pixel gun 3d cheats this will helps the user to get weapons, attacking equipments and other skills.